Presidential Inauguration Trends

A closer look into the ceremony everyone was buzzing about

Mariela Trevino
2 min readJan 25, 2021


President Joe Biden had quite the competition for the spotlight during the presidential inauguration with powerhouse poet Amanda Gorman.

President Biden made history on January 20th when he took his oath of office and became America’s 46th President. Naturally, this garnered him plenty of attention but then came along Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet to perform at the ceremony. According to an analysis of Google search data, Gorman soared above Biden for a short time.

Amanda Gorman dominated the charts before Biden caught up.

Amanda Gorman’s passionate and powerful poem “The Hill We Climb” took the nation by storm. Gorman’s elegant yet strong words resonated with many American’s across the nation, especially after the January 6th attack on Capitol Hill.

Amanda Gorman’s poem let viewers see and feel the struggle America is in but reassured us light and unity is coming. The combination of making history as the youngest poet to perform at the inauguration along with her powerful words were enough to give Gorman the spotlight she deserved.

President Joe Biden’s team may not have seen the impact 22 year old Gorman would have had but then again, they just might have and used the platform for good. Amanda Gorman wasn’t the only spotlight stealer of the ceremony.

Lady Gaga sky rockets the charts ahead of Jennifer Lopez.

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez performed at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, making it a star studded event.

Lady Gaga performed “The National Anthem” during the ceremony and did not disappoint. Her rendition of song was beautiful and perhaps a little more upbeat but with Lady Gaga, it’s no surprise she delivered all she could.

Not only did Lady Gaga bring her best vocals, she wore an elegant Schiaparelli ball gown for the ceremony. Jennifer Lopez brought her best looks as well, wearing Chanel from head to toe.

JLo performed “This Land is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful” at the inauguration. She gave her performance her own little twist, including a lyric from her own song “Let’s Get Loud” and incorporated part of the pledge of allegiance in Spanish.

According to an analysis of Google search data, Lady Gaga soared above Jennifer Lopez and was able to maintain her standing for quite some time. To say that the inauguration was a much talked about event filled with American celebrities is an understatement.



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